When humans and other beings die, the energy that is their essence does not disappear. For numerous reasons, it can be common for discarnates- no longer embodied spirits-to remain on earth. They are attracted to strong energetic matrixes, and can attach themselves to objects, places, and people. Psychopomp is a process of guiding the dead. I hold an intention of healing and compassion, trusting that each soul must finish its time on earth before moving on in its journey. Psychopomp helps discarnates to move on in their path, and aids living humans in to have thriving beautiful lives.


space Clearing/Psychopomp

I offer space clearing, which can removes residual energy from old residents, negative encounters, etc, as well as any inhabiting discarnate spirits. Just like humans need energetic clearing and filling regularly, the spaces we inhabit can also benefit from energetic care.


compassionate spirit release

Compassionate spirit release is the process of removing overshadowing spirits from your energetic field. It is extremely common to pick up discarnates, and have them dwell in your energetic field. Usually people don't realize they have these entities. However, discarnates require energy sources, and can create great fatigue and other behavioral or physical symptoms in their hosts. This ceremony honors the overshadowing spirit, and assists them in their path. It is non-judgemental, and motivated from a beleif that all energetic beings are valueable.


Ancestral healing

Clearing and connecting into ancestral lines, building ancestral alters, and helping heal ancestral wounds is a beautiful way to heal not only yourself, but your family and the earth.