Sound healing uses sound and intention to heal the physical and energetic body through vibration.


A long journey to home...

Sound healing has been, for me, an answer to a very old question. Trained as a vocalist and beginning to pursue a career as a musician, I kept asking more of sound and language, I decided to pursue those questions instead of continuing as a musician, instead studying linguistics and the brain among other things. I was trying to understand how it was I could use sound to heal, soothe, and reboot the mind. Fascinated by neuroplasticity I felt sure that music could cure things like mental illness and bigotry. I was quickly freed of these naive assumptions into an understanding even wider, more astonishing and exciting. Though generally treated like a crazy person when I expressed what it is I want to do, "I want to make healing music", I eventually found the shamanic and sound healing community, who saw me and my dreams in such a clear way, I knew I was home. Sound healing functions from the understanding that all matter has energy and a vibration. We are beings greatly effected by one another on a hormonal and neurological level. Sound healers takes advantage of this by using a variety of sounds, produced vocally and with instruments, to alter the subtle body, energetic fields, and vibrational pattern of the clients.

What is it like?

Wild. Cathartic. Gentle. Otherwordly. Peaceful. Regenerative. Cleansing. Sound healing can be all of these things. Like all energetic work, it follows intention. That intention can be a specific request of the client, or just a general intention of wholeness and well being. Each session is unique, and can be combined with any of the other healing modalities I offer. Generally Reiki and Sound Healing are offered simultaneously.




I offer 1- 2 hour sound healing sessions on at $80 an hour. This work is done on spirit time.