Photo by Jen Swanson

Photo by Jen Swanson

I offer facilitation and witnessing of your individual healing, through integrating modern shamanic healing techniques, Reiki, a depth psychological view, and focus on the body-soul connection. Together, we can acknowledge and create new relationships to limiting patterns, beliefs, symtoms, and wounds which won't heal. I approach this work with the belief that the transformation of the individual is a healing for the collective. I understand self-healing and embodiment (showing up in your body-soul in full power) as a radical act which changes the world. My offer a variety of services, both to address crisis, immediate psycho-spiritual needs, as well as long term guidance and coaching to help you achieve your goals and live in better alignment with your highest self.

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At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is....
— T.S.Eliot, "Burnt Norton"

Energetic and Nature-based Healing

I approach healing from the point of view that we are all engaged in creating our lives, writing our personal myths, and seeking wholeness. My goal is to assist others to fall into deeper relationship with their bodies, the earth which bears those bodies, and the rich inner world through which we perceive reality. I make no claims to be "a healer" but rather a facilitator of the process. It is an honor to witness for others. At the foundation of my healing practice is the theological concept of animism, the belief that all the world is filled with soul and energy. Animism is a dedication to that which is mysterious, unknowable, irrational, and intuitive. It is the building block of Shamanism and nature based healing techniques.


Shamanic bodywork

Combining modern and traditional shamanic techniques, this form of energy work focuses on shifting energetic patterns and wounds, through the guidance of spirit guides and ancestral allies. I offer a variety of healing ceremonies to improve vitality and manifest a life of joyful and creative thriving.


Reiki Energy Healing

Trained in the Usui and Holy Fire Lineages, I offer Reiki sessions both on their own and in tandem with shamanic work and sound healing. Reiki is a channeled form of energy healing which reduces stress, helps people to feel relaxed, to heal their bodies and minds more quickly, and to generally improve quality of life. Reiki Sessions are available long distance or in person.


Sound Healing

We are vibrational beings. Formed from matter which constantly moves, atoms which bang and ping off one another. Our bodies/souls are an ecosystem of image, energy, matter, body, and sound. Sound Healing uses sound and touch to repair and cleanse the energetic system. Sound Healing is intensely relaxing, altering, and has profound healing possibilities.

Caring for the Soul

As an animist, I understand the world to be filled with soul. Caring for the soul of the earth and our environment is just as important as caring for our individual souls if we wish to thrive. Thus, I offer services for assisting souls which aren't in human bodies.



Caring for the soul extends out of "life" into the "after-life". Psychopomp falls under the mythological tradition of Hermes, Anubis, Mercury, Hecate, Charon, Vanth, and many others. Assisting souls from the body to the next phase of existence is essential in a society which has no clear dying rituals, or means of supporting those who are transitioning. Psychopomp includes space clearing, removing haunting entities, and compassionate spirit release, as well as making sure the recently departed don't get stuck somewhere on their journey.


Caring for the soul of your environment

I offer soul retrieval ceremony not only for human individuals, but also for your home and land. There are many similarities to human soul retrieval. This ceremony preserves the energetic integrity of the places you inhabit, helping them to be stronger energetic containers for your growth, exploration, and success.

I also offer free soul retrievals for public land. Please reach out to me, or click on the shamanic bodywork link for more information.


Dream Witnessing

Maybe you have reoccurring nightmares, or can't remember your dreams at all? Maybe you're just interested in deepening your understanding of the life you live while asleep. Using a variety of techniques, gathered from Shamanic and Depth Psychological practices, I facilitate deepening your relationship to your dream life, both in waking and sleep. I guide you through using herbs, memory techniques, creative engagement, embodied listening, and movement to assist you to interact more with the dream space, and the beings which present themselves there.


I offer handmade shamanic rattles for individual sale, wholesale, and consignment. Custom-made rattles are also an option. Rattles are tools that have been used in ritual all over the world for thousands of years. They can be used to cleanse space, for shamanic journeying, to call in sacred space, in drum circles, just for fun, and of course, to soothe infants. Rhythmic sounds, such as come from drums and rattles, are proven to support and calm the nervous system, improve right brained thinking, and are reminders of the deep heartbeat of the earth and our mother, the first sound any of us ever hear. My rattles are painted with heavenly bodies as an expression of my own devotion to the star nations, and to honor the medicine our ancestors have created in relationship with them through the millenia. My store is available through the link below. Please note that these exact rattles are not for sale, they are examples of my work. I can recreate a design, but rattles are living beings, each one is unique with it's own energetic and sound signature.


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Whether you have question, want to make an appointment, or just want to connect, I'd love to hear from you. This is also the best way to reach me for interest in consigning or wholesale selling rattles.

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