I understand a shaman to be a healer who communicates with spirits, allies, and ancestors in various physical and spiritual realms to gather information for the healing of the sick and betterment of the community. The energetic or subtle body is the focus of the healing, for when your energetic system is healed, it allows for more expedient healing of the physical, mental, and emotional fields. For me, the basic tenets of shamanic work are seeing through an animistic, or ensouled worldview, and to understand all of reality as a myth, which we create, or dream together. I believe that at our essence we are soul. That does not mean I deny the material reality of the body, rather, I see all matter as bearing soul. Our legs, arms, eyes, coffee cups, tables, houses, pets, rivers, trees...These are all connected through divine essence. In this sense, I consider what I do bodywork, for the soul and matter are enmeshed in an inseparable dance. I honor this dance, and welcome the body as I do any spirit ally, as a teacher. I also hold the shamans primary duty to be as intercessor between the human and natural realm. I am a land based healer, and much of my work is influenced by the theories of eco-psychology. As a shamanic guide, coach, and bodyworker, I apply ancient and modern shamanic techniques with somatic studies, with the goal to facilitate a thriving inner and outer environment for my clients.


Who needs shamanic healing?

According to traditional shamanism, illness of the mind and body are caused by soul loss. Soul loss is caused by parts of our essence leaving in times of trauma, fear, or pain, or even surprise and joy. I understand the psychological equivalent to be disassociation, where aspects of the psyche literally remove themselves from the present moment. Symptoms of soul loss include chronic pain and illness, depression, anxiety, fatigue, negative behavioral patterns, a stuck feeling, or lack of self confidence, to name a few. If you are not living each day as the most vibrant whole you possible, you may be suffering from soul loss. Soul retrieval is the healing ritual used to bring back lost essence, and reintroduce it to your subtle and material body

What to expect?

Shamanic work is led by energy and intention, there is no formula. However, there are certain ceremonies which are often used, the most common of which is the Soul Retrieval. In a soul retrieval, space is made for many ways both to remove intrusive energy, and to call back divine essence which has been lost. Shamanic work also addresses negative behavior patterns, unhelpful thought forms, making clean energetic breaks, psycho pomp, and more. A variety of rituals and techniques are combined in these sessions, depending on your intentions, and the information the Spirits provide. After you schedule a session I will be in touch with you about ways to prepare energetically and emotionally. I offer sessions combined with Reiki, sound healing, and dream work. Sessions are relaxing, altering, and can be profoundly transforming, so please make space afterwards to process, go slow, and be compassionate with yourself.




I am currently offering a discounted sliding scale to those in my community as I make the transition to full time Shamanic work

I ask for $80-150 per session. Sessions normally run 1.5 - 2 hours, but that is not a strict rule, and depends on the nature of the work we choose to do together that day, and the information the guides bring through. Please do not allow price to be a reason for not reaching out if you are feeling guided to work with me. I am open to payment plans as well. Know that each interaction is an opportunity for us to both grow and learn, and I am excited to work with you!

I offer long distance work, as well as monthly sessions in Santa Barbara, CA and Madison, WI

Land and House Soul Retrieval

The homes we dwell in and the land we live on also have complex energetic systems which benefit from support, renewal, and clean up. This service does not require you to be in the same city as I am. I do the healing long distance, send you the information and any tasks that you need to do physically to help the healing to be fully integrated. The spirits of the house or land may make requests, for example altars, behavior changes, affirmations, songs, This healing is excellent for anyone moving into a new home, wishing to make a transition, refinance, sell their home, after a remodeling, in a time of chaos, after a disaster, or just as regular home upkeep. Often paired with space clearing. I ask for $50-80 a session.


I offer as a service to individuals and communities, and to our mother earth, free soul retrievals for public land. In the chaos of our times, healing is needed for all beings on earth. If there is public land you care about, or know has been harmed, I would be honored to do healing ceremony. This can include the empty lot behind the local grocery store, a national park, a river, the Gulf of Mexico, or a freeway. I just ask that it not be privately owned land. Just send me your name, the location, an image if available, and a brief description of the land. I will send you a summation of the healing ceremony, and any information that came through, which you are welcome to share with others in your community.

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